Learn how to make your own Cold Brew!

19 jun 2017 kl. 17:00 - 18:00

Hotel SP34, Sankt Peders Stræde 34, 1453 København

Co-lab is a pop up Cold Brewery and Iced Coffee Bar by Baileys & It’s Cold Brew that opens up in Copenhagen between the 13th to the 25th of June.

In time for the summer season Baileys opens up a Cold Brew Coffee Brewery and Iced Coffee Bar under the name Co-lab. The Cold Brewery will visit SP34, Hotel Astoria and Hotel Avenue in Copenhagen between the 13th-25th of June and the opening hours will be from 14.00 to 20.00 every day.

Co-lab will offer the latest coffee trend Cold Brew together with delicious iced coffee drinks flavoured with the classical cream liquor - Baileys!

Learn how to make your own cold brew coffee through Brew It Yourself-courses!

Co-lab also offers Brew It Yourself-courses run by Swedish professional coffee brewers from It’s Cold Brew and Kersh Coffee Rostery. The courses will be approximately 45 minutes long.

How it works:

Upon arrival all participants receive an iced cold coffee drink with Cold Brew and Baileys. As the course begins all participants will get a brief introduction to the refreshing coffee drink - Cold Brew from a professional Cold Brewer from the Swedish cold brewery It’s Cold Brew. After the introduction all participants will do a tasting where they get to flavour their own personal iced cold coffee drink with different toppings like, cherries, chocolate, orange, cinnamon etc.

After all participants got to create their own personal coffee drink, the brewing course begins.

All participants receive their own Brew It Yourself-kit with a Mason Jar for the brewing, an eco-friendly cotton filter that can be used several times and fresh coffee from Kersh Coffee Roastery. A professional Cold Brewer from It’s Cold Brew will take the participants through the course by instructing on all the steps during the process of brewing. All participants can bring home their Mason jar, coffee and filter to continue to brew at home together with a booklet of recipes of how to create the perfect iced coffee drinks with Baileys and Cold Brew for the summer!

Included in the course:

  • Introduction to cold brew by professional Cold Brewers from It’s Cold Brew
  • Tasting and flavouring of your own personal iced coffee drink with Baileys and cold brew
  • Brew It Yourself course together with a professional cold brewer from It’s Cold Brew
  • A brew it yourself-kit to take home
  • 250g fresh coffee from Kersh Coffee Roastery
  • 2 Iced coffee drinks with Baileys

NB: To participate in the course you need to be over 18 years.

The courses will be held in English!

For more info please contact baileys.dk@awb.se

Drink responsibly!


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