Masculine - meet feminine. Feminine - meet masculine.

Rosenlundsvej 7, 2791 Dragør
30 maj 2020 kl. 10:00 - 22:30
Billetter DKK 555,00
Billetter DKK 555,00

Why do men act like that? Is it really true that women feel this way? What on Earth is going on in their heads? 

What burning questions would you ask if you had a panel of open hearted but brutally honest panel of the other sex to provide an answer? 

It is clear to see that we, as a collective, are in the process of healing from deep wounds of separation. Separation from ourselves, from nature, from community. And there is tension in the relationship between the sexes as we balance our masculine and feminine energies and redefine our roles. 

So let’s get together out in nature, for a healing, playful and eye opening exploration of the sexes! We will entertain our curiosity, untangle the knots and reach a deeper understanding of each other and ourselves. 


- A whole summer day together in Dragør

- Short meditation and yoga session

- A Sharing Circle with your own gender

- A cacao ceremony

- A playful “panel” discussion

- A delicious dinner

- Wood fired hot tub chill-out

- Priceless secrets of the other sex


10.00 - All participants, 16 men and 16 women, meet in a beautiful space in Dragør

11.00 - Getting into the body and calming the mind with a short yoga and meditation session

12.00 - The two groups split up and have an afternoon of sharing, learning and getting creative, boiling down the questions to ask the other sex

15.00 - We reunite and drink a heart opening cup of cacao

16.00 - The questions are presented and we get the answers to learn about each other and grow closer

19.00 - We cook a delicious meal and enjoy the bond we created together

21.00-22.30  - Evening hang out, those that want can soak in the hot tub


Magnús: Meditation guide and yoga teacher. Hosts his own mens circle in Copenhagen and has been holding spaces and sharing circles of different kinds for many years. Is a man. 

Lena: Super hostess in her beautiful house Rosenlunden in Dragør. Musician, music educator and cacao-facilitator. Is a woman. 

Mireille: An NLP therapist and has worked with plant medicines and hosting healing spaces for almost a decade. Is a woman. 

We look forward to an experimental day of open hearted sharing and co-created learning! 


Transport: Bus 33 (from Rådhuspladsen)                     stops at Rosenlundsvej. Make                    sure that you take the right bus 33 🙂.                    If you take the car, you can                     park next to the kindergarten                     when you enter Rosenlundvej.

Bring: Bathing suit, towel, water               bottle, snacks to share.

That’s all. We are so much looking forward to spend the day with you.

Loving thoughts,

Mireille Lykke 

Mágnus Sveinn Jónsson

Lena Bjørn Jensen

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Masculine - meet feminine. Feminine - meet masculine.

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