Masterclass The New Approach on Dressage"

12 maj 2017 kl. 16:00 - 20:00
Billetter DKK 350,00
Billetter DKK 350,00

MASTERCLASS “The New Approach on Dressage”

Presented by Will Rogers Performance Horses and Anna Dressage

We believe, that with the right approach based on understanding of the horse and by using their intelligence it is possible to train horses in a positive way to be relaxed and confident - even in very stressful environments.

Horses are incredibly clever and sensitive and by showing them what we would like them to do, we can benefit from their willingness to cooperate with us and create amazing results in the sport.

Now you can participate this amazing event that will make a solid footprint on the future approach to horse training and dressage.

This approach we would like to share with horse people around the world and we are very pleased about the great interest Will Rogers Performance Horses and Anna Dressage are receiving at our shows, demonstrations, clinics and videos.

The event

Part 1: Will Rogers demonstrates where we start the training/the approach and some of the important concepts that we believe all horses can benefit from.

Part 2: We are going to blend our training with the skills of some of Denmarks very talented riders. We are very honored to present Lisbet Seierskilde, Anke Ter Beek and Josephine-Emilia Thide Nielsen in the masterclass.

Our goal is to create an awareness of what is possible with this combination of training.

Part 3: Will Rogers Performance Horses and Anna Dressage will be doing a spectacular show with their own horse.

Practical information

The cafeteria at Vallensbæk Ridecenter will be open and will provide nice food, snacks and drinks throughout the event. Therefore we kindly ask you not to bring any of your own food and drinks into the venue.

Tickets can also be purchased (cash) at the entrance.

Filming and photos at the show is not allowed.

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