Mastermind Pop-Up Workshop

18 nov 2019 kl. 17:00 - 21:00

Kulturstationen Vanløse, Jernbane Allé 38, Room: Spejlsalen, 2720 København

Curious to find out how a Mastermind can help catapult your professional and personal growth?

With our 4-hour pop-up workshop, you get an excellent opportunity to experience, in-person, what you can get from being a member of a Mastermind with like-minded people.

Reach Your Goals Faster

If you feel like you're struggling to reach your goals, whether that's on a personal or professional level, then being a member of a Mastermind group can help you overcome that struggle, because you get a team of like-minded and driven mentors who will support you and keep you accountable to the goals you set. Having a support system like a Mastermind group in place will help accelerate your personal and professional growth and make you reach your goals faster.

Network With Other High-Achievers

On Monday, November the 18th, we are going to take you through a complete Mastermind session, just like we conduct our Mastermind Denmark meetings, which will give you a sense of how useful and valuable those meetings are. Moreover, you also get the opportunity to meet and network with other high-achieving people who can inspire you and your growth.


The meeting will be in English, but don't let that keep you away since we'll also tend to your needs if you don't feel comfortable communicating in English.

Food and Beverages

There will be drinks, coffee, fruit, and snacks throughout the evening.


We will provide you with the necessary materials, pens, and papers, including worksheets.


17.00     Welcome

17.10     Introduction round

17.25     Q&A

17.30     Go through the Mastermind agenda and meeting roles

17.35     10 minutes Break & Networking

17.45     Full-Scale Mastermind Session

20.15     10 minutes Break & Networking

20.25     Feedback & Q&A

20.45     Networking

21.00     Finish

Check out the video below and get to know more about Mastermind Denmark.

We are looking forward to seeing you there!

Niels & Taregh


Niels Reib

Co-founder of Masterminds Denmark

Taregh Jasemian

Co-founder of Masterminds Denmark