Microgreens workshop at Denmarks first rooftop farm

07 apr 2018 kl. 10:30 - 13:30

Gro Spiseri, Æbeløgade 4, 2100 København

Join us for a practical and fun microgreens workshop on ØsterGRO rooftop farm - and learn how to grow the most nutritious greens right in your own kitchen.

We are so lucky to have Culinary Farmer Saba Nazarian and Agronomist Teresa Fresu doing a hands-on workshop in the rooftop greenhouse about one of our beloved ingrediens - microgreens!

What is microgreens?
Microgreens are tiny seedlings grown in soil, harvested in 2-3 weeks, and are packed with nutrients.

The workshop

On the workshop you will not only learn about the nutritional benefits of microgreens and how to grow them in your kitchen all year round, but you will get to harvest and taste some as well. During the workshop we will use some fresh cut greens to make a quick healthy meal and appreciate the freshness of the "farm-to-fork" produce.

  • learn about the nutritional benefits of microgreens
  • learn how to grow microgreens in your kitchen (about seeds, tools, materials, growth substrate, hygiene)
  • enjoy a simple and quick meal preparation with organic microgreens
  • go home with a ready-to-taste small box of organic microgreens - and loads of inspiration to grow your own food

400 kr. per person

Hope to see you for a lovely workshop day!

Who we are

Teresa Fresu

Teresa is an Italian Agronomist, in charge of the production of the CSA of ØsterGRO, you can find her three days per week at the rooftop farm. In 2016, she has opened Resilient Farm, a small organic farm in Hvalsø (Lejre kommune), where she produces certified organic winter resistant crops and italian delicacies (rucola, cicoria, radicchio, zucchini, edible flowers for salad and tea, chili plants, mv.) and also organic microgreens. She offers consultancy around edible gardens, urban and periurban agriculture, CSA, conservation agriculture

Saba Nazarian

Saba, is a Canadian Culinary Farmer and a sustainable foods advocate specializing in growing nutrient-dense greens, all year round based in Montreal (Quebec). Saba's mission is to inspire and educate city dwellers to partake in the sustainable food movement by growing their own greens at home. He believes that not only will this lead to adapting a healthier diet, but it will also contribute to the environmental and economic sustainability of our communities.


Workshop ticket

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