Mindful Mamas' Circle- Being a good mum

11 nov 2019 kl. 10:00 - 12:15

Folkestedet, Carl Blochs Gade 28, 8000 Aarhus

Each one of us wants to be a good mum, but what does it even mean and how to be one?

"And the pressure is high. The pressure from the society, from the family, from your partner, from media, from your kids, from other mothers and ABOVE ALL from Yourself! It can be immense. You may never get motherhood right in all other peoples’ eyes. But you CAN try to get it right in your own eyes. At least sometimes. Maybe even, if you’re really, really lucky… most of the time?"


Come and join the circle, where we will mindfully connect with ourselves and others. This time we will look into our emotional wellbeing and how to deal with the pressure o0f motherhood.

I will have food, drinks and materials ready!

I'll be waiting to welcome you at 10 00 at the main reception (we'll be in lokale 1.1.)

The workshop is facilitated by Marta Rodriguez-Karpowicz, a Life Coach, Conscious Healing Facilitator and NLP Practitioner (NLP- Neuro-Linguistic Programming), more details about the facilitator here: https://www.reachfarmore.com/