20 sep 2017 kl. 17:00 - 22 sep 2017 kl. 14:00

Vallekilde Højskole, Højskolevej 9, DK - 4534 Hørve

MIRP - Meeting of Independent Radio Producers

The 2017 MIRP meeting takes place in the little village of Vallekilde from September 20-22nd and continues as part of Copenhagen Radio Cinema Festival that takes place 22-24 September in Copenhagen. The Copenhagen Radio Cinema Festival is a new festival organized by the collective behind the successful monthly radio cinema listening events in Copenhagen. 2016´s fantastic festival program can be viewed here.

Participation fee & festival pass

There is a 150€ (1115 DKK) participation fee for joining MIRP. This also covers accommodation and food in Vallekilde as well as transportation to Copenhagen on Friday the 22nd. You are required to pay this fee upon subscription.

From Friday 22nd to Sunday 24th you are free to book your own accommodation in Copenhagen.

For 60€ (450 DKK) MIRP meeting participants can buy a pass for a special English programme curated for MIRPs, together with the opening gala on Friday, a discount on the dinner for invitees, and the party on Saturday. This pass can be purchased when subscribing for the meeting.

Where & when

The MIRP Conference begins September 20th at 5PM at The Danish Folk school in Vallekilde. We will stay here till Friday the 22nd.

And from lovely Vallekilde we will make our way to Copenhagen in order to join the newly established Copenhagen Radio Cinema Festival for the next two days, from the 22-24th of September.

The Danish folk school in Vallekilde is located in Zealand, about two hours from Copenhagen. A Danish folk high school is a concept from the 19th Century where the Danish population (mostly farmers) could be enlightened through culture. The school was founded in 1865 and today the students are mostly people post-high school preparing for University. While we are there, there will be around 100 students, but there is plenty of room for us.

The conference will be held in “Danish folk high school style”, where we will stay in shared bedrooms (with two to four beds) and dine together with the students, three times a day. We will have our own, separate meeting rooms, workshops and conference rooms.

In Copenhagen there will be specially curated MIRP events in English.

Accommodation & food

MIRP will take care of your accommodation and food during the MIRP days from Wednesday 20 to Friday 22 September. You are free to book your own accommodation once we are back in Copenhagen from Friday 22 to Sunday 24 September. We can provide you with a list of recommendations for hotels, but the best thing to do is to book an Airbnb. The Copenhagen Radio Cinema Festival will end on Sunday late afternoon.


Book a flight to Copenhagen Airport with arrival at Wednesday 20 September at 3 pm the latest, and take the trains from Copenhagen Airport to Hørve st. (Horve st.) You have to change train 2 times, and the travel will take approx 1h45m. Find the travel plan on this travel site.

On Wednesday 20 September there will be a shuttle service from the train station of Hørve to take you to Vallekilde for the first day of MIRP.

Friday 22 September: a bus will take us all back to Copenhagen at 12 AM, estimated arrival in Copenhagen will be 2 PM.

We are looking forward to see you all in Vallekilde and Copenhagen!

Participation Fee

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Festival Accreditation

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