"Nature your Neighborhood" - workshop

10 nov 2018 kl. 11:00 - 12:30

Øbro Jagtvej Bibliotek, Jagtvej 227, 2100 København

Family Club and Arki Kiddos invite children + parents to join us for a "Nature your Neighborhood" workshop at Øbro Jagtvej Library.

Urban planning is the development and design of land use and the build environment.
This workshop will see children use flowers, leaves and soft twigs to create a dream neighbourhood, where flowers could represent parks, leaves could mean houses or towers or beaches, and twigs could be roads or canals - there really is no limit to a child’s imagination in this workshop.

Urban planning can be a difficult term to understand, hence this workshop introduces the concept in a gentle and intuitive manner - when a child decides if he/she places a park beside a house, or if the park is placed beside a road, he/she is already putting urban planning into action.

We have chosen these materials because they are tactile and naturally appealing to children, and because they are perfect to collect during the Fall weather.
Additionally there will be snacks and elderflower cordial for those who desire it :)

The event is open for all - but suitable for the age of 4-10. The event will start at 11.00 and end at 12.30. You are welcome to attend the event anytime in between that period. 

Practical Information:
Where: Øbro Jagtvej Library, children's section ground floor.
When: Saturday 10th of November
TIme: 11:00 -12:30
Tickets: Free (please book for children)


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