Negotiating your salary

22 feb 2018 kl. 17:00 - 20:00

Forbundet Arkitekter og Designere, Åboulevarden 23, 8000 Aarhus

Don't wait, take the initative yourself
Many people wait patiently to be invited to a salary negotiation (and some wait in vain) – but you can always ask for a negotiation, if you think your salary and working conditions need adjusting.

Preparing the negotiation is key. It involves being aware of the challenges most of us face when we have to make a demand on our own behalf, as well as dealing with disagreement while continuing a constructive relationship with our boss. Preparing both content and process and dividing your effort into a range of strategic moves will make it easier and less ‘all or nothing’. Using effective ways to communicate helps make the process constructive and ensure that both parties are happy with the result.

Students at the Aarhus School of Architecture are welcome to participate.

Introduction; the definition of negotiation and sharing experiences of what you find challenging

The Four Phases of Negotiation:

  • Phase 1: Negotiating With Yourself - preparing content and process; what do I really want and what will be enough?
  • Phase 2: Influencing Negotiation Partners – strategic moves; how to plant seeds and kick-start the negotiation in both formal and informal situations leading up to making the agreement
  • Phase 3: The Negotiation Meeting - facilitation and constructive communication; pitfalls in situations of disagreement and how to guide the process in order to move things forward
  • Phase 4: After the Meeting - follow-up and relationship building; how to continue negotiating after the deal is done

Reflections and wrap-up

The language of course is English

Who is teaching?
Malene Rix holds a Master of Arts and have worked as a negotiation advisor and trainer for the past 15 years.
Based in Copenhagen, Denmark she has worked with a great number of both private and public sector clients ranging from ministries, municipalities, the Nordic Council of Ministers and the EU Commission to global corporations and management associations and unions. Focus has been on advising and teaching many different types of professionals, both employees and management.

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