Blågårds Pl. 6A, 2200 København
22 jun 2021 kl. 20:00 - 22:00

On December 10, NEKO3 will present a concert with light as its central theme and medium. The program includes works by young, forward-thinking composers Xavier Bonfill, Remy Siu and the ensemble's own Mads Emil Dreyer, as well as more established names Simon Løffler and Juliana Hodkinson.

Info: Concert night door opens at 20:00, there will be an installation for the first 20mins, you are welcome to walk around, get a drink by the bar, find a comfy seat, then concert will start at 20:20.

Remy Siu: new notation - for [3] player (2019)

Juliana Hodkinson: Thresh (2018)

Mads Emil Dreyer: Lys 4 (2018) (trio version premiere)

Xavier Bonfill: three_four_maybe (2020) (premiere)

Simon Løffler: e (2017)

The concert is supported by:

Statens Kunstfond

Københavns Kommune

Dansk Komponist Forening

NEKO3 is a Copenhagen-based contemporary music trio funded by Kalle Hakosalo and Lorenzo Colombo, Fei Nie and Mads Emil Dreyer.

The ensemble is working towards the creation of a new musical language and repertoire for this unexplored combination of instruments. Placed between acoustic and electronic music, NEKO3 aims at offering a fresh musical proposal, building a narrative and a concept for each concert and thereby making it a unique experience for the audience.

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