Nerd Night 20: An Evening with Mark Turrell and the 25 Year Plan, hosted by Amandeep Midha

17 aug 2019 kl. 19:00 - 18 aug 2019 kl. 02:00, Æbeløgade 4, 2100 København

A book on scaling. IPO for suggestion box software company (OK, collective intelligence). Spy for a year. Invented crowdsourced election monitoring in 45 minutes as a pilot project. Complex systems. Network science. Brain scanner at home. unDavos, the network to 'democratize Davos'. A 25 year plan to change the whole world for better. All or it. At the same time. Without anyone knowing (ideally).
The power of networks. Nudges. Persuasion. The game of souls. The Black Umbrella Society (that is, on relationships, open and other types). Relationships are, after all, a key part of our lives.
10 rules to change the world. And yourself. And why not eat, sleep and love (isa) better?
The #Fail of our times will be education. So let's not accept reality and try to change it. Critical thinking, creativity, leadership, heck, why not empathy too. We really need to get exceptionally good at education .. before our chosen dystopian tech future appears.
Copenhagen welcomes Mark Turrell to have an open, all questions allowed discussion on his 25 year plan to change the world. And he says he is in Year 11 (so we would like some proof that it's working… or is he a hockey stick projection guy like all the startups?). You can find out more about him at and be prepared to give him your attention and your critical mind. And maybe we can help make the world a better place just a little bit faster, and make it a little more certain we are going in the right direction.