NORDIC BATTLE // Urban Development (Qualification)

16 aug 2018 kl. 16:30 - 18:00

Arena, BLOXHUB Members Lounge, Bryghuspladsen 8 C, 1473 Copenhagen

#1 NORDIC BATTLE // Urban Development - Qualification

Mirror mirror on the wall - we ask: Who is the most innovative firm within urban development of them all?

On August 16 we will host the qualification for #1 NORDIC BATTLE in Urban Development @BLOXHUB in Copenhagen.

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16.00 Get-in, drinks and snacks
16.30 Welcome by BLOXHUB + intro by Erling Fossen; battle moderator
16.40 Peach Kucha presentations from each contestant  (20 slides, 20 sec = 6min 40 sec) 

17.55 Winner announced

The winner* will be invited to defend the title at the NORDIC BATTLE final which will take place in Oslo on September 18 @Oslo Urban Arena (return flight + ticket is incl.).

Battle moderator: Erling Fossen, CEO Oslo Metropolitan Area



NORDIC BATTLE combines two different and well known formats called Pecha Kucha and Fight Club.

Pecha Kucha is a stringent cut the crap-presentation where the presenter get 20 slides á 20 seconds. In order to win you need to argue why your company, solution or project is better than the others. 

The jury will be handpicked and will be invited to participate in the debate by the moderator. The audience are encouraged to cheer for their favorite.

Winning DNA
The most important question is: What is the innovative in this presentation?

With inspiration from Schumpeter's definition of innovation: A new or updated product, service or solution. Or, application of new methods of production or sales. 

      What happens on stage, stays at stage. Its forbidden to take critique or harassment personal. Everybody must shake hands afterwards.

      Organized by: Oslo Metropolitan Area and BLOXHUB

      *The winner of the final in Oslo will get ticket to Oslo Urban Arena (NOK4950), entrance ticket to Oslo Party Dinner (NOK750) and informal meetings with the Norwegian developers.

      NORDIC BATTLE Qualification

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