Nordic Christmas Jazz - Marína Ósk og Stína Ágústs

06 dec 2019 kl. 20:00 - 22:00

Jónshús, Øster Voldgade 12, 1350 København

Stockholm based Icelandic jazz vocalists Stína Ágústsdóttir and Marína Ósk have joined forces for some Nordic Christmas magic! In collaboration with guitarist Mikael Máni Ásmundsson, they have arranged and written Icelandic lyrics to Christmas songs from Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark and Iceland. The arrangements are easily accessible to any listener, intimate and beautiful, embracing and illuminating the Nordic winter time. Now the whole thing has been recorded and to celebrate the release of the album, “Hjörtun okkar jóla” (e. Our Hearts of Christmas), they will perform the songs from the album live along with some winter wonder gems in their repertoire.

Stína, Marína and Mikael have all previously released jazz albums in Icelandic which have been nominated for the Icelandic Music Awards as “Jazz album of the Year”, namely Stínas album “Jazz á íslensku” and Marína & Mikaels “Beint heim”.

Marína Ósk is finishing her masters degree at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm and has just released her debut solo album, Athvarf, with original music in Icelandic.

Stína recently performed at the Stockholm Jazz festival with guitarist Erik Söderlind, went to Iceland in October for performances with bass prodigy Henrik Linder and is currently working on her next solo album.

Mikael Máni released his first solo album this summer, Bobby, and has received amazing reviews. His trio includes legendary bass player Skúli Sverrisson and they have performed extensively together. All about jazz calls Mikael Máni “a thoughtful, deft musician ready to add his voice to the roster of Scandinavians who continue to sculpt a distinctive jazz sound.”

Beverages will be available for purchase. The house opens at 19:30.