22 sep 2017 kl. 15:00 - 24 sep 2017 kl. 18:00

Kulturhuset Indre By, Charlotte Ammundsens Pl. 3, 1359 København

PapJam is a new board game jam taking place in Copenhagen this fall!

What is a game jam you might ask!

Well, a game jam is a bunch of people getting together and creating games. And with board games (unlike video games), that means you don't need to know anything other than how to play a board game.

The event is for everyone, from veteran board game designers to all those who love board games and have always wanted to try making one of their own.

The jam will take place in Kulturhuset Indre By the weekend of September 22nd - 24th 2017.




Jonas Resting-Jeppesen and Mads Brynnum will entertain and en-smarten us with some exciting talks.

Mads will talk about the use of stories in board game design.

Jonas will talk about how to use graphic design in prototyping.

17:00 (Approximately):

We will begin the group forming process and let you all know about the theme for the jam.


The jam will officially begin.


14:00 (subject to change) every group will be paired with another group and get to critique and complement each other's work this far.




Turn in your work


Play as many of the other games as possible!


Voting on games - who will be the crowd favourite?


Award cermony (will there be prizes? - oh there might :D


The venue is in central Copenhagen, allowing you to go home or to your favourite CPH friend’s place, get a good night’s rest, and come back relaxed the next morning (or feel free to keep jamming at home, if you’re up for it).

Kulturhuset Indre By

Charlotte Ammundsens Pl. 3,

1359 København K

Opening hours:

The venue will be open until 00:00 Friday, from 9:00 to 00:00 Saturday and from 9:00 to 18:00 Sunday.

The price:

Staggeringly cheap: 250 kr. - and a limited number of tickets, so be quick and buy your ticket on Billetto following this link:

What to bring:

We will supply all the materials needed to create and test games. But if you want to do some crazy hybrid game or a jenga based dexterity game, it wouldn't hurt to bring some things from home.

A computer might also be nice if you want to do some graphical work on there. There will be a printer available.


Can I bring my own food? Yes, you can bring your own food. And there are lots of good cafés and places to get food close by the venue.


Kulturhuset sells cheap coffee and cheap beer all day and evening, snacks and sodas and whatever you like in that direction (You're not allowed to bring your own).

Questions? Write to

General Admission

Salg lukket

Jonas Resting-Jeppesen

Mads Brynnum