Parallel monologues & NI

Nyhavn 16, 1051 København
23 okt 2021 kl. 19:30
24 okt 2021 kl. 17:00
Billetter DKK 60,00
Billetter DKK 60,00

UBÅDEN presents 2 days with duets of young choreographers, that take the audience below the surface of contemporary dance and physical performance.

Parallel monologues

“Parallel Monologue” is a performance by composer Sylvester Struckmann and dancers Nikoline Due and Nana Anine. An interplay in space, a constant awareness of surroundings. When communication becomes secondary do we let our subconscious speak? “Parallel Monologue” is an ongoing conversation with our inner chaos and how to challenge the individual point of no return through insisting on playfulness and navigating between viewpoints of dialogue. Is chaos a friend of mine?


How does it feel to fall for nine days? The weightlessness do you feel and the thoughts that arise. When does the light no longer shine brightly enough to save the darkness of the mind and how can one fly with broken wings?

 "NI" is a new solo work by Lucas Kruse Kristiansen (dancingbeasts company) which is a modern interpretation through dance and queer performance of the stories around the character "Lucifer" who was born an angel in heaven and got the powers: endless beauty. His wings were destroyed as he took advantage of his pride of his own beauty in heaven and fell for nine days before hitting the ground.

“NI” is a work that through provocative elements and sarcasm reflects around; contempt, pride, obsession, revenge, ego, and loneliness. It tells what it is like to fall in NINE days due to the obsession of one's own beauty, as well as questioning why we are obsessed with ourselves or whether it is in fact society's objectification of the exterior that forces us to make ourselves obsessed?

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