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Partout Inhabitation Moon

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Partout Inhabitation Moon

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16 feb 2024 kl. 14:00 - 27 jul 2024 kl. 12:00
Billetto Peace of Mind
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With the partout access we aspire to move deeper into the explorations of how we can truly inhabit the sensuous and poetic both within the framed immersive space of Sisters Hope Home but also the practices of integration into everyday life. The Sisters staff will give you sensuous home assignments to perform in-between your stays at Sisters Hope Home. At your first stay you will be provided with a notebook which you will keep for the entire duration of the programme before you donate it to The Archive at the end of your last stay.

There will be two timelines available with the following dates:
Moon (half year): 16.2, 29.3, 26.4, 31.5, 28.6, 26.7
Sun (full year): 17.2, 30.3, 27.4, 01.5, 29.6, 27.7, 24.8, 28.9, 26.10, 30.11 

At your arrival at Sisters Hope Home, you will be greeted by a Sisters Staff who will introduce you into the ways of the Home. After the initiation the space is open and available for your explorations, and for what you and your co-inhabitants bring into the shared space. You will cook, eat, sleep, and live together – but the path of each individual inhabitant is not predetermined. You will be able to move about in the space without fixed objectives. As such you should not expect a strongly facilitated experience. Instead, your journey inside Sisters Hope Home will be dependent on what you contribute to the experience. You might want to immerse yourself in contemplation. You might want to engage in deep conversation with the other inhabitants. Or you might want to join a performative ritual performed by the Sisters Staff or offer one yourself.

Throughout your stay the Sisters Staff will be present to help and guide you on your journey.

Practical information
- After you have bought a ticket, you will receive a welcoming letter with additional information and check-in time sent to your email. Please read this letter carefully.
- Please be aware of your individual check-in time. The check-out time is the following day before lunch.
- It is not possible to bring or use digital devices during your stay.
- You will be served vegetarian meals during your stay.

About Sisters Hope Home
Flowing Inhabitation is manifested in our home - Sisters Hope Home - in Hedehusene. Sisters Hope Home is a 5-year-durational artwork and platform for performance experiments, sensuous learning, and artistic research. The ambition is to create a permanent access to The Sensuous Society and a place dedicated to poetic and sensuous modes of being and being together.


Sisters Hope is an award-winning performance group and movement which works with a fundamental ambition to make the sensuous and poetic accessible to as many people as possible - to 'democratize the aesthetic,' as we call it. Our work operates at the intersection of performance art, research, pedagogy and activism. We use sound, light, and scenography, and apply interactive and interventionist performance art strategies to transform spaces and institutions (both within and outside the art institution) into immersive, sensuous, and poetic landscapes.


Sisters Hope Home, Charlottegårdsvej 1A, 2640 Hedehusene


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