POOR WHITE TRASH film festival - all movies: 100kr.

06 sep 2018 kl. 12:00 - 22 nov 2018 kl. 14:00

Husets Biograf, Rådhusstrade 13, 1446 København

The world´s first POOR WHITE TRASH film festival! Experience life in a deep south full of sleaze, derpravity, violence and perversion! Buy this special pass now before the festival starts and let the good times roll! Get all four films at over half-price discount = 25kr. per film instead of 60kr! You can´t beat that! For 100kr (plus 13kr. surcharge) you get:

"TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE 2" on Thursday, September 6th / 35mm, 1986, 100 min., starring Dennis Hopper, this is the most insanely over-the-top of any of the CHAINSAW remakes and one of Hopper´s most unhinged performances. Free plastic aprons given out at the door so you don´t get splattered with blood. Just keep telling yourself… “It’s only a movie… it´s only a movie.”

"ANGEL BABY" on Thursday, September 27th / 16mm, 1961, 97 min., he is then exploited by a promoter and his greedy wife who travel the rural South. Two men fall in love with her: Burt Reynolds (in his feature debut), plays Hoke Adams, a brutal ruffian who assaults her, and George Hamilton, as a sensitive boy who falls in love with her. This expose of the dark side of evangelism has many powerful moments and is much different in tone than the exploitation films that comprise the other movies in this series. Praise the lord!

"WILD HARVEST" on Thursday, October 11th / 35mm, 1962, 95 min, directed by Jerry Baerwitz. This is a very stylized story of beautiful female migrant workers in California who must slave in the fields all day picking grapes under a hot sun and at night fight off the sexual advances of their lusty bossman. A tale of sweat and sin and exploitation, and in the end, sweet if brutal revenge!

"INVASION OF THE BLOOD FARMERS" on Thursday, Nov. 22nd /35mm, 1972, 84 min., directed by Ed Adlum. A bunch of backwoods hillbillies are part of strange cult that seeks to revive a druid queen from her thousand-year hibernation. They need massive quantities of blood to do so and kidnapped various passersby and drain their blood until some local heroes come to the rescue. Boasting shamelessly cheap production values, spirited amature acting and an outrageous premise, it has been celebrated as one of the most inspired "bad" films ever made.

*For reservations to the individual films mail husetsbio.reservation@mail.dk and on the address line include the number of seats you want and a key word from the title of the film you wish to attend and you will get an immediate confirmation. (pre-sale on this billetto page is only for the all-festival ticket of 100kr.) This offer is good until October 11th.


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