Rocket engine tests

02 maj 2015 kl. 12:00 - 16:00

Copenhagen Suborbitals, Refshalevej 183A, 1432 Copenhagen K

Come and feel the noise: We'll testfire several rocket engines Saturday May 2nd between 12.00 CEST and 16.00 CEST at Refshalevej 183A.

The doors open at 12:00 CEST and the first testfiring is scheduled at approx. 13:00 CEST.
Please show up timely, and dress accordingly !

At the venue you will be able to buy snacks and drinks, posters and other goodies.

Video from our latest engine test:

As you may be aware, all activities related to rocketscience is prone to be hit by scrubs and delays. Lots of things and events has to occur timely to be able to ignite a rocketengine, be it static tests like these, or a real launch. Delays and scrubs may thus happen, and will be published at the project website, so please keep yourself informed here for last minute changes :

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