Roland . Siquir . Martinovic // Warm up: Blå Klarinet

Onkel Dannys Plads 7, 1700 København
01 feb 2019 kl. 20:00 - 23:59
Billetter DKK 100,00
Billetter DKK 100,00

Marko Maritinovic established danish pianist known by his great debut release TRIOSCOPE and following QUINTESSENCE., back to the trio format for this years Winter Jazz 2019 at Råhuset he gets together with a hot rhythm session Jakob Roland known by all year round backing many established Danish jazz projects on upright bass and Deodato Siquir from Maputo – Mozambique on the drums. Supporting Martinovic´s compositions and arrangements together they interpret, exploring and turning the music around into all possible pulsations where the polyrhythmics are quite evident based on a very simple and basic clave, an explanation of a mixture of Scandinavian Jazz and African grooves.

A real afronordic jazz.

Video Link Watch "jazz på pladsen" on Vimeo:   

Line up

Marko Martinovic, piano.

Jakob Roland, upright bass

Deodato Siquir, drums.

Blå Klarinet is a jazz quartet that reinterprets the
jazz standards from the bop-era with the often looked over instrument;
the clarinet as its lead instrument. The dynamic interplay of the
hard-swinging rhythm section and the smooth, warm sounds of the clarinet
creates an intimate and cozy atmosphere with an edge.
constellation consist of four young men, who have explored jazz
together since they met each other in the Sankt Annæ Gymnasium. The
musicians are: Jakob Sehested on the clarinet, Carl-Emil Dons
Christensen on the piano, Anton Tuxen on bass, and Johan Jøker Lautsen
behind the drums. They have all been fascinated by jazz through many
years, and have chosen to further develop their musicality through,
among other things; MGK.
Klarinet delivers well known standards, played with youthful energy,
creativity, in combination with their own compositions and

Have a listen:

Doors open 20.00

Concert 21.00

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Roland . Siquir . Martinovic // Warm up: Blå Klarinet

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