Roots & Sync

18 maj 2021 kl. 10:00
20 maj 2021 kl. 15:00
Super arrangør

**Who can attend?
Composers, songwriters, agents, and publishers from the Nordic countries

Sync (or synchronisation) is a process where songs are combined with moving images – film, TV series, adverts, video games, trailers etc. In other words, how how your music can be placed in film, TV series, adverts, video games. 

 Roots'n'sync aims to give a full overview of the synchronisation process and the different agents that take part of it.  On the same time, we will hear real cases of Nordic Folk artists, who went thru the sync process from different angles. 

 The webinars will take place in Zoom and will have limited capacity. You will receive the links to access the webinars in your email address, a few days prior the event. 

To see Roots'n'sync program please follow this link. 

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