Sci-starter - Learning science basics

03 sep 2018 kl. 10:00 - 18:00

Titangade, 2200 København, Denmark, Titangade 11 , 2200 København

Curious about how to pour petri dishes?

Want to know how to make your own safety area for home use and beyond?

Needing to brush up on your DIY bio skills?

If so come and join us for this crash course Labelled SCI-starter this one day jam packed course runs through the basics including where to purchase items from , how to safely mix chemicals and materials as well as learning how to make basic lab equipment so that you can explore science to your hearts content in a safe and clean environment.

This course is designed as a gateway entry point for those wanting to get into Biohacking/citizen science as well as serving as a great refresher course for those more experienced within the lab set up.

The idea behind sci-starter is to allow citizens to become more hands on and explore science at home as well as within citizen science center's across the world as part of the DIY BIO network.

Included in the course is all materials to take away , agar'd petri dishes.slanted test tubes, custom made test tube racks, Diy custom hood for sterile work environment, a chemical booklet written by Biologigaragen showcasing everyday items with their chemical names for hacking use. Lunch and refreshments throughout the day as well as all handout materials.

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