Sex to Success

26 aug 2017 kl. 10:00 - 17:00

SoulBliss Academy, Vesterbrogade 20A, 1 th, 1620 København

Sexual energy is the secret hidden power of your success

Learn how to optimize and transmute sexual energy for achieving greater feats in life.

I have experienced that embracing a body-centered approach to lovemaking, and conscious practice of transmuting sexual energy (into other forms of energies) have resulted into refining my characters and personality traits and thereby enhance my potential to achieve different milestones that I can set for myself in life. It has further empowered me to seek solutions to most critical needs and problems within myself.

I'm happy to share these unexplored secrets of conscious lovemaking and how it helps in enhancing your performance in different spheres of life.

What You'll Learn during the Workshop:

  • How to be in a state of self-love at all times
  • How to be in a state of lovemaking with self
  • How to benefit from intimacy and romance with your inner yin and yang
  • How you as a couple can help each other purify the sexual energy and uplift that energy from lower energy centers to upper energy centers (chakras)
  • How to refine your character traits and personality qualities by balancing energy centers
  • How to employ refined character traits and personality qualities in your professional life and quest for success
  • How to employ and use principles of polarity management in your professional life and quest for success

The Sex to Success workshop is specially designed for singles and couples who are inspired to achieve success, abundance, peace and unlimited bliss in their life.

This 1-day workshop will offer insights into the power of optimization & transmutation of sexual energy towards a healthier and wealthier life.

There is no nudity or sexual activity during the workshop.

About Vishwas Chavan

Born in India, and shaped by the teachings of tantra from a very early age, I merge Science & Spirituality. I have always felt that I am a born healer and life long practitioner of a tantric lifestyle. Osho continues to be a profound inspiration for me in my daily life along with other spiritually awakened teachers. My life so far has been a journey of self-evolution, and self-transformation from a slum-boy to a science diplomat, to an author, inspirational speaker & coach.

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