Solution focused dialogues in problemsaturated divorces. Online workshop with Ben Furman and Jacob A. Cornett

07 feb 2018 kl. 09:00 - 21 feb 2018 kl. 16:00

SOHO, Flæsketorvet 68, 1711 København

If you know of the despair working with parents in high-conflict divorce, you have probably often wondered if you could be of even better help for the family – and for the children. If you sometimes have the sense of adding fuel to the fire in the conflicts, this webinar is for you.

Introducing and training you in solution focused methods for moving beyond conflict, psychiatrist and internationally renowned teacher and trainer Ben Furman together with psychologist and founder of Jacob A. Cornett will give you both the tools and the understanding for connecting with more enthusiasm and zeal with the fighting parents. For an introduction, watch this interview.

This is a very special workshop, however. The content we have put together for you is exceptional, and because we bring the teaching to you, you will give you a degree of flexibility and choice, you are probably not used to from a day at a conference center.

All you have to do is grab your phone or computer, and then we will send you the package with all you need to know – videorecorded presentations, live demonstrations, printed materials and online discussions.

You will be able to see the presentations and the live demonstration in your own pace, pausing, rewinding, going for water, and watching the entire thing again after you practiced with a family or a client.

You can even ask questions to the teachers after you tried the ideas out in your practice.

The package equivalating a one day supercool workshop will be send to you, contains:

  • An hour-long presentation on video with Ben Furman of his solution focused work with couples locked in conflict, specifically recorded for this unique production.
  • An hour-long video with Jacob A. Cornett (me) putting scope and perspective on the field of high-conflict divorced parents, and presents five innovative ideas and principles for better succes, based on interviews and research with practioners in the field; specifically recorded for this occasion.
  • A videorecording of a live demonstration of Ben Furman consulting a danish family in high conflict after divorce, showing tangibly how the solution focused methods are utilized.
  • Reflection and discussion between Ben and Jacob of the consultation, where Ben explains what he has been doing in the consultation.
  • Manualised, structured exercises guiding you through a solution focused process, to take with you and dive into in your daily work with your clients and families.

You will recieve this first part after it has been recorded on the 7th of February. Then you will get:

  • Two weeks to practice and to email questions and comments for Ben and Jacob in relation to your training or the presentations.
  • Access to the concluding live Q&A session with Ben and Jacob.


You will have access to the entire package of goods even after the workshop, and you will recieve a certificate documenting your participation.

You are relieved for time and expenses for transportation; the lunch however, you will have to take care of yourself.

As you can see this is a completely new way of participating in professional training. And because you are with us in this first step of the way, you can get it all at the already announced price of 1.650 kr + tax 25% (2.062,50 kr incl. tax).

This price is for one participant, if you are more colleagues from the same workplace, please register each participant individually.


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