Spiltorden på LYNfabrikken

01 sep 2017 kl. 16:00 - 23:30

LYNfabrikken, Vestergade 49, 8000 Aarhus

MegaNørd presents it's first Game Thunder event (Spiltorden).

I's one Friday afternoon. An array of talks, a dinner & an evening party to celebrate games, in this case specifically


Confirmed program components so far randomly ordered:

Jakob Stegelmann with a new talk: Games - the final frontier -Why games are the ultimate platform for the amazing stories of real sci-fi - known as the host and editor of The Magic Mirror (troldspejlet) he takes us through a life with sci fi in stories, movies - and the games that completed the narrative and delivered the sci-fi experience, we all need to enrich and expand our lives (according to him).

Ste Curran does an entirely new action packed show talk on the sci-fi theme. It's a pitty to call what he does a talk, and you should'n miss it, if you want to find out why. You, laugh, cry, tries to breath desperately and then clap exstatically.

Marioke is the sci-fi of karaoke. All the hits you could dream of, with their lyrics beatifully rewritten to be about games.

Dajana Dimovska vs Postmortem will go head to head in a live version of the Postmortem podcast. It's all about what went right and wrong in Dajana's and NapNok Games' Affordable Space Adventure. Dajana is the CEO at NapNok games, which is one of the biggest Danish game development firms and Postmortem is a podcasts, that does insightful postmortems of games they find to be interesting.

Soon we'll announce an up into the stars kind of keynote speaker too!

We'll have dinner.

A sci-fi DJ killer called the DJ button developed for Felix The Reaper, where you decide what intensity the music brings just by turning af knob between 1 and a 100.

And the first ever print exhibition of the Kamila Slocinska art for Kong Orange's game Heartbeats - A Galactic Requiem.

& more to come...

TICKET: DKK 99,- + fee

Get them here before it's too late!

NB! When ticket sales are open, it wil be first come first served.

But already now these guys deserve a big thank you - our glorious sponsors:
The Animation Workshop (Official Page)
Funday Factory
Set Snail
Interactive Denmark Vest
Integra Advokater
Create Converge
Kong Orange
Dania Games
+ you as a sponsor too? (sure! Let us know!)


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