SPOR festival 2015: Mihály Solo

08 maj 2015 kl. 22:00 - 23:00
Super arrangør
Billetter DKK 80,00 - DKK 100,00
Billetter DKK 80,00 - DKK 100,00

SPOR festival 2015 presents:
Mihály Solo - One performer, three composers

Make your way to the venue Granhøj Dans this Friday evening and enjoy performer Julia Mihály as she will bodily interpret different musical works:

"If you liked my posts I wouldn't need to express myself in real life" by Julia Mihály (DE) is a performance and a metaphor for the overwhelming flow of information that we are exposed in everyday life. The text consists of Facebook posts pulled from various discourses about the "Alltags" aesthetic movement in German contemporary music.

"Vergiss Salome" by Iris ter Shiphorst (DE) focuses on the body of the performer. It is a short solo piece with a reference to a 'classical' female character from the drama repertoire and takes its starting point in a more theatrical setting. All movements, gestures and actions are composed meticulously and electronic sounds surround the voice of the singer and create an additional acoustic space.

"Der sinn und das aussehen" by Ole Hübner (DE) is a one-person music theatre written for Julia Mihály with lyrics by Rick Reuther. And Ole Hübner explains: "Rick told me his text is a "libretto from an old people's home", so for me the piece is particularly about human abyss, loss of control, abstraction of human life, seclusion and confusion – but also their humor."

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SPOR festival 2015: Mihály Solo

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