Stof print med bakterier

20 jun 2018 kl. 12:00 - 14:00

Titangade, 2200 København, Denmark, Titangade 11 , 2200 København

A new age of emerging craft practice through the convergence of design and molecular biology is envisioned. The workshop provides the basis to explore various hypotheses using creative design thinking and making as a mechanism to drive the application of biotechnology. In theory, harnessing living systems- from Biomimicry to Synthetic Biology- could lead to a more resilient future, but how do we put that into practice?

Littlepinkmaker and Biologigargen presents the first workshop of this kind using textiles produced by traditional screen printing using dyes that have been manufactured by bacteria.

Following experiments in extraction, enough pigment is produced to screen print directly onto textiles.

This workshop illustrates the potential that lies in harnessing living organisms to create the raw materials and craft protocol required to one day replace heavily polluting chemicals-based industries.

The workshop is ran in english with danish worksheets provided as well as all the equipment needed.This workshop is open to all regardless of background and for ages 14+ and upwards

You will leave with

*One stof poser created with bakteria print,

*10 small vials of bakteria ink and natural pigments,

*Handouts and worksheets for doing the process

*All knowledge and class ethics


We only have 10 places so be sure to get your tickets once they go on sale.Our last bacteria workshop sold out so its first to the post!.


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5 Extra vials of bakteria

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