Sundays Behind Handlebars #4 - Copenhagen

25 mar 2018 kl. 13:00 - 15:00

Veloropa Cykelcafé, Bispeengen 1, 2000 Frederiksberg

On Sunday the 25. March we will make it 4 out of 4 with blue skies, chats and laughs when we are venturing out to explore Copenhagen once again! It IS getting warmer, so grab a friend and let's see if we cannot see just a tiny bit of spring on the way!

The concept is quite simple: I pick a route, we bike, have a chat about the city, biking (or just about everything and anything really) and go for a refreshment afterwards.

We will start from the bicycle café Veloropa at Frederiksberg at 1pm and be back around 3pm and grab a refreshment.



Everyone can participate and we'll set the pace so it's comfortable for everyone. It's not a road race, the vision for 'Sundays Behind Handlebars' is to get to know each other, get some fresh air and see the city. All of the aspects I think cycling is all about.

It's free, of course! Just sign up via the link here so I can get an idea of how many we are going to be!

It might be a bit chilly still, so wear plenty of clothes!

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