The Acoustic Guitar Project - Aalborg Concert

24 maj 2018 kl. 18:00 - 21:00

4Sound Aalborg, Hobrovej 347, 9200 Aalborg

Have you ever wondered what the process of writing a song is?

Where do you get the inspiration from?

How long does it take?

We artists, are sometimes our worst critics and we become the only obstacle between our own creative freedom and the world outside.

The Acoustic Guitar Project is a global initiative to motivate and inspire creativity by simplifying its process to the bare essentials, encouraging a deeper connection between the artist and their art and to tell truthful, meaningful stories.

We are 5 Aalborg-based artists who have been given the following challenge:

One Guitar. One Week. One Song.

+ Martin Rauhofer

+ Morten B

+ Auria


+ Guillermo Neuenschwander

Each one of us has written an original song, and recorded it live, in just one week. All artists used the same guitar— SIGMA (DR-28H -— and the same simple handheld recorder. We're not allowed to edit our song on the computer, but just record it in its purest form.

Partnering with 4Sound Danmark, we invite you to be a part of this CONCERT, where all the featured songwriters will talk a little about their experience with the project and their song and then play it live, plus 2 extra original songs. We will be sharing the recordings of the songs as the event comes close.

The Acoustic Guitar Project (TAGP) is in over 40 cities around the world and nearly 500 original songs have been written. Now we're bringing this project to you here in Aalborg!

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