13 mar 2015 kl. 21:00 - 14 mar 2015 kl. 05:00

STENGADE, Stengade 18, 2200 København N

Do you believe it? 15 years has gone since the first black mass at THE BLACK CAT!

On the 12th of february 2000 we held the first ever The Black Cat party at Stengade 30 in Nørrebro, Copenhagen. We had a program consisting of the danish electro-industrial madmen Snuff Pop Inc live on stage and the two norwegian DJs Demented and Caligari ruling the dance floor. Stengade 30 was actually quite packed that night; we counted around 200 guests and an almost full house showed us that this was something the danish underground had been waiting for. And so had we; because when Millennium of Conflicto and their Cranium Club stopped making events they left a void; a void we wanted to fill.

Even though the party at Stengade 30 was a huge success the people in charge of Stengade 30 at that time felt they had «more than enough gothic stuff happening» with their own concept Dancecore, so The Black Cat was abruptly left without a place to be after it´s glorious birth. Then, after 8 months of searching for venues and dreaming of parties The Black Cat finally discovered a new home in the now legendary venue Krunch (Rock Ama'r) at Amager, Copenhagen. The first event at Krunch was a Halloween party thrown on a tuesday (of all days); and after this The Cat started doing monthly events. We would see 3 years of wonderful and loving gothic madness at Krunch before moving on to other venues, and all the time we witnessed a continuously growing Black Cat family which embraced the club as its very own. The Black Cat quickly became our own family, and we were never to be the same again.

Now 15 years later all this has become the stuff of legends; The Black Cat has become a true living underground legend as the biggest and longest living gothic & industrial club on Danish soil. Countless legendary international acts from within the gothic, industrial and neofolk scene have visited the club; DEATH IN JUNE, KIRLIAN CAMERA, INKUBUS SUKKUBUS, ROME, SKELETAL FAMILY, GROOVING IN GREEN, THE PROTAGONIST, LONDON AFTER MIDNIGHT, GOTHMINISTER, THEATRE OF TRAGEDY, DAWN OF OBLIVION, SOROR DOLOROSA, HEKATE, WINTERKÄLTE, DUST OF BASEMENT, DER BLUTHARSCH, TERMINAL GODS , PSYCHIC TV, and many many more. And of course a lot of danish bands – upcoming and established – from the dark genres. Countless amazing parties have gone down in history, at one point The Black Cat was even involved in the legendary one and only FAUST club in Copenhagen. The Black Cat itself has definitely become an important part of Scandinavian underground music history. The Black Cat has for us become both our sacred sanctuary and our dearly beloved family. We love you all for being a part of this and for supporting us all these years; without you this would never have been possible. Here´s to 15 years more! At least!

And now - 15 years later - we are back again, closing the circle at Stengade 30 where it all began! We are throwing a huge 15 year anniversary party with the music and the atmosphere we all love; with live concerts and DJs all night long – dark music in two floors all night (industrial, EBM, synth, goth in main floor – neofolk, goth, darkwave and atmospheric stuff at 1st floor. Your DJ's will be Caligari, Nat Inc., Caligari, Brain (Braincorp) and more to come!

As live headliner this splendid evening we proudly announce the epic and wildly enigmatic swiss dark-wave band THE BEAUTY OF GEMINA. A name that should be well known by all those who appreciate high quality darkwave and gothic rock. If you do not know them yet it is about high time you do - and now you got the chance !! The Beauty of Gemina is the creative brain child of the charismatic genius Michael Sele. Mr. Sele writes both music and lyrics as well as produces the albums himself. The Beauty of Gemina has released 6 highly praised and acclaimed albums. All releases are very strong in all aspects with no fillers. The Beauty of Gemina are known to masterly mix a variety of influences in their music; from gothic, electro and metal to folk, country and classical; and all of it driven by the truly amazing voice of Michael Sele; a voice who often and rightly has been compared to both David Bowie, Nick Cave and Dave Gahan. The Beauty of Gemina has a gotten great reputation of being an awesome live act; they have performed with huge bands like Smashing Pumpkins, Unhelilig, Rammstein and many others, and they were voted the best live act at the Mera Luna Festival 2011! This is the first concert ever of The Beauty of Gemina in Scandinavia, for sure an opportunity NOT to be missed!

Support act will be the very fine danish synth/industrial act Neonsol !


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