The city of Aalborg presents : Ensemble Skagerrak

17 aug 2018 kl. 19:00 - 21:00

Utzon Center, Utzon Center, 9000 Aalborg

Ensemble Skagerrak grasps a musical heritage that is rich in its melodic presence and so colorful in its harmony and form.

With that in mind bandleader Kenneth Dahl Knudsen stretches the music to places this sound never went.... a reinvention of the scandinavian music….

"Just as our society is opening up, inviting people from all over the world to seek shelter and refugee from the horrors they live through, our music will do the same.

I cherish the danish songbook, but I want it to meet the "other" musical worlds aswell...."

Uffe markussen - Tenor sax

Jonas Lindh - Trombone

Edgars Cīrulis - Piano

Matias Fischer-Mogensen - Drums

Kenneth Dahl Knudsen - Bass

Ensemble Skagerrak

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