The Enneagram: A Circle of Love

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05 jun 2022 kl. 12:00 - 19:00


Get to know the magic circle of love within the Enneagram and discover the hidden wisdom of the 9 types from the international known Enneagram specialist Nhien Vuong.


Join the Tribe for the amazing Enneagram teacher Nhien Vuong's first time ever in Denmark!
Nhien will lead us through the wisdom of the Enneagram to an immersion in Love – all set in the beautiful settings of Charlottenlund Palace, just north of Copenhagen, Denmark ✨


Love is powerful. It can inspire us to move mountains and cross oceans.
Love can take us to the heights of human ecstasy and, sometimes, it seems, Love abandons us in valleys of despair.
Love can be confusing, heartbreaking, elusive, and bewildering.
Love can be like a poem we simply cannot comprehend or a story that appears to be written solely for other people.

In this one-of-a-kind daylong retreat in the beautiful setting of Charlottenlund Palace, just north of Copenhagen, Denmark, U.S.-based International Enneagram Presenter and Conscious Community Builder Nhien Vuong, J.D., M.Div., will guide you in identifying your personal love story and authoring a more expansive narrative that empowers you to give and receive love more abundantly.

This day will include individual and group exercises, sitting and walking meditation, a midday snack, as well as teaching and storytelling. All group exercises will be optional. You will be encouraged to participate only at the level most comfortable for you.
Be sure to bring a journal and writing instrument!

A Special Invitation: We will conclude the day with time spent outside, in nature, on the beautiful grounds integrating the day’s wisdom. we encourage you to wear all white, if possible, as we join to co-create a space of light and love. If you wish, we’ll take photos together on castle grounds and create memories of love, for life!!! 🌿

Uncover Your Personal Love Story.
What is the Love Story you’ve told about yourself?
Do you repeat to yourself that love is hard to find or that it is much too easy to lose?
Is love a prison or an escape?
Under what conditions do you permit yourself to receive love?
When, if ever, can Love be trusted?
How do you think you need to earn or merit love?
Under what circumstances do you withhold love–from yourself or others?

In Part 1 of this daylong intensive, Nhien will compassionately guide you in uncovering your implicit and explicit narratives about Love.

Part 2: GROW
Author A More Expansive Love Story Using the Enneagram
The Enneagram offers a detailed Map of You. Using the Enneagram, in Part 2 of our intensive, Nhien will help each of us to identify our core limiting narratives about life and, in particular, about love. Nhien will support us in authoring new stories about our own lovability and self worth.
We will practice meditative exercises to help us to open our hearts, minds, and bodies to integrating the new stories.

Connect with Others; Share Your New Love Story.
The Enneagram is a Map of Us. The Enneagram can help us to love more richly and to enjoy it more fully. It helps us to navigate a sea of differences and show us where bridges of empathy, compassion, and understanding might be available.
Using the Enneagram, in Part 3, Nhien will help us to practice integrating our new love story in our safe circle of compassion.

Give yourself, your friend, and/or your partner the tremendous gift of Love.
Set aside this full day to open more fully to Love’s lessons and Love’s grace.

'Step out of the circle of time
And into the circle of love.'
— Rumi

Schedule (Approximate):

12:00 Opening Ritual (Indoors)
Around the Circle: Discovering Your Unique Love Story
Opening the Heart, Mind, and Body to Love

13:40 Re-Writing Your Love Story Using the Enneagram as a Map of You, A Map of Us

15:40 Crossing the Bridge of Love (meditative walk outdoors)

16:10 Connect with Others; Share Your New Love Story (outdoors)
Outer Gaze, Inner Gaze Exercise

16:40 Savoring Food (Snack Break
Capture the Love! (Photo Opportunities)

17:10 Formal Close: Check in & Check Out

18:00 Social Time: Connecting Heart-to-Heart

Are you visiting from outside of Denmark?

Registration Fee: 1150 kr (approx. $123.29 USD)

IEA Global or Local member: 950 kr (approx. $102 USD)

Early bird: 850 kr (approx. $91 USD)

If our local ticket system wont accept your card please write an email to

We will then send you the ticket manually and love for a safe journey ❤️

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Adress is:
The Tribe - Charlottenlund Slot
Jægersborg Allé 1
(It's in the middle of the palace park)
Free parking at Kavalergården

Sharing a Love Donation:
Can't attend but wish to send some love across the miles by contributing to a full or partial scholarship for someone in need of this experience? Email Nhien directly at
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