The first steps in Tantric Love - workshop for couples

Laurentsvej 22, 2880 Copenhagen
06 jun 2020 kl. 16:00 - 18:30
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Billetter DKK 500,00
Billetter DKK 500,00

This workshop is a great opportunity for couples to spend quality time together in a meaningful and warmhearted way, investing in what truly matters: love, happiness, aliveness, and deeper connection. Take the opportunity to enrich the relationship with new perspectives and new emotional horizons, to infuse it with a new impulse to grow closer and get deeper.

***All exercises will be done together in your couple and there will be a reasonable "corona safe" distance to the other couples.***


- in-depth tantric inspirations

- learning keys to go deeper in love and refresh the love

- easy exercises and movie clips about being more present in the now, allowing the heart to vibrate in joy and taste the delicious savor of togetherness in the heart

What you will learn

  • the difference between love and lust.
  • how to choose whether or not to open the door of our heart for love to manifest, once it comes knocking.
  • how to create the conditions within ourselves and our relationship for love to continue to flourish and thrive endlessly.
  • how to communicate and read the fundamental needs of our heart and the heart of our beloved.

Note: You are welcome to wear whatever makes you feel good and comfy. Some of the exercises inspire for intimacy with your beloved and in this part you are welcome to undress as much as you like and keep on as much clothes as you feel comfortable with. There will not be any direct sexual activity.

Language: English
Price: 500 dkk per couple (450 dkk per member couple)


Bagala is a highly experienced Tantra masseuse, Tantra teacher, and a Gestalt therapist, with background as professional ballerina. She is also one of the enthusiastic teachers of our Tantra Massage education. 

For the past 20 years she gracefully combined notions of tantric knowledge in her dancing expertise, using her feminine creativity and sensuality. She has been studying and teaching Tantra in Denmark and Sweden for more than 10 years. She inspires both women and men to evolve spiritually through her intense presence and ability to relate directly from the heart.

Rumi is a well experienced Tantra teacher, a skilled Tantra masseur, trained gestalt therapist, as well as performer of contact improv. He is motivated by finding the center that two (or more) people share when they come together into a lager unity. The heart connection that ensures such unity has driven Rumi to study arts and theater, eventually discovering that the tantric perspective offers the broader perspective he has been searching for. His vast experience with Tantra Massage, doubled by his training as gestalt therapist qualifies him to help women to heal emotionally and to find their own inner center.

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The first steps in Tantric Love - workshop for couples

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