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The Killing - A Dinner Experience

20 jun 2013 kl. 18:30 - 20:30

Secret location released to guests 24 hrs prior to event, Undisclosed set location in Copenhagen, 2300 Copenhagen

The famed Danish television series, The Killing, is back, this time in the form of a dining event. In an interpretation of the theme, Guerilla Dining by Silver.Spoon will set the stage and open a story for the evening, transporting a select number of guests back to a set location for a dinner experience to be remembered. 

This particular event has been designed for the UK’s BBC in a new television series hosted by celebrity chef Valentine Warner with the host and crew joining us to film an episode for their ten part series.


With midsummer around the corner and earth in full bloom, the five-course menu will be a playful burst of seasonal ingredients as a showcase of the Nordic kitchen, produce, and suppliers. Working with layered textures and traditional techniques like pickling and curing, diners will discover the beautiful simplicity and purity of Danish cuisine. Purveyors will include craft names like Bøgdedal Brewery, Kocemba Sparkling Tea, Knuthenlund, and Frederiksdal, among others.



Fjord shrimps  •  Kohlrabi  •  Smoke  •  Crunch

Asparagus  •  Rye bread  •  Vinegar foam


1st Main
Smoked mackerel  •  Onion  •  Mint  •  Rapeseed oil


2nd main
Spring venison  •  Potato  •  Potatoes  •  Malt  •  Wild garlic

Ymer  •  Green strawberries  •  Peas  •  Earth  •  Flowers

Petit Fours


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