16 jun 2019 kl. 15:00 - 16:30

Husets Biograf, Rådhusstræde 13, 1446 København

THE NEVER ENDING STORY, 102 minutes, 1984, Directed by Wolfgang Petersen / Bastian is a young boy who lives a dreary life being tormented by school bullies. On one such occasion he escapes into a book shop where the old proprieter reveals an ancient story-book to him, which he is warned can be dangerous. Shortly after, he "borrows" the book and begins to read it in the school attic where he is drawn into the mythical land of Fantasia, which desperately needs a hero to save it from destruction. (Note: We intend to screen this film monthly through 2019. Tickets for the next show would always go on sale on noon (on billetto) the day of the most recent show. FOR EXAMPLE THIS PAGE WILL NOT ACTIVELY START SELLING TICKETS UNTIL THURSDAY, MAY 12th at 12.00 !!  (Remember that Husets Biograf cannot refund tickets - if you cannot attend you need to sell them further yourself or give them to a friend, and report the name changes to Jack. If you have any questions about anything contact Jack, our house manager, at )

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