The Nordic larp yearbook 2015

21 jun 2016 kl. 18:00 - 20:00

Rollespilsakademiet, Åboulevard 18, 2200 København


This is the payment page for pre-ordering the Nordic larp yearbook 2015.

What is the Nordic larp yearbook?

The Nordic larp yearbook gathers photos and texts about interesting Nordic larps produced during the year, and is published every year by Rollespilsakademiet. That's the long-term plan at least! So far, we've published the 2014 version and are bringing you the 2015 version here. Last year, we had 18 different larps in the yearbook, and this year we have 30. We'll see about next year when the time comes. ;-)

What does it cost?

The book will cost 300 DKK (roughly 40€). However, if you're pre-order it before June 21st, you get it for half that. However, since Billetto is geared for events, not book sales, you will need to send us a mail with where you want the book sent to (unless you "buy" one of the Pickup options). You can reach us at This is Claus' mail. He'll also help with questions in general!

Why is there a pre-order page?

Last year, we published the '14 yearbook (which was the first) in conjunction with the Knudepunkt 2015 larp conference. Participants could choose to order the book as an add-on to their conference ticket, which made it rather easy to judge how much interest there was. This time we missed the KP window, so we have no simple solution. The pre-order page is an experiment. Let's see how it goes!

Will it be available for purchase if I don't buy it here?

Yes and maybe. What happens now is that we have a pre-order phase that lasts from May 31st to June 21st. During the phase we'll be taking pre-orders at a reduced price (since it's nicer printing a book that someone has already paid for than one that might end up gathering dust!). We'll of course print some extra books for future sales, but depending on interest, the number of extra books might be quite low. So if you want to be sure that you get a copy, we recommend that you pre-order. Also, did we mention that it's cheaper? ;-)

Does it exist in a digital version?

Yes! All the books we publish at Rollespilsakademiet exist in digital versions for free. We love making books, and we love selling books to people who want to buy, but most of all we love spreading the word. So the book is available for free in PDF format.

You can find it at

Feel free to spread that link as much as you like!

- Charles, Claus & Erik, Editors

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