The Tarantino Twist Show - Christmas Madness vol 1-3

Are you ready for a Christmas party out of the ordinary? Do you and your friends or co-workers need a place to let loose and have a crazy fun night with great live music and performances as well as awesome food and drinks? Then you found the best way to celebrate with this extraordinary Christmas edition of The Tarantino Twist Show in collaboration with CasaV58.

Three nights in a row you can eat, drink and party all night long. The menu is a traditional Danish Christmas dinner, and you can choose to go all-in with a free/unlimited* bar including beer, wine, soda and simple drinks.

Choose your tickets for one or all nights: Thursday the 19th, Friday the 20th & Saturday the 21st of December.


The program:

Doors open at 18:30

19:00 - Welcome

19:30 - Dinner with surprises

21:00 - Show with live music and performances

23:00 - Funky After Party with DJ

*(G&T, Rum and coke etc. Free/unlimited bar is from 19:00-23:00)