Tversted Wild Arts Gathering

17 jul 2020 kl. 10:00 - 19 jul 2020 kl. 20:00

Billetter DKK 300,00

Deltag med venner

You are hereby invited to release your imagination!

Tversted Wild Arts Gathering is a gathering of artists, creators and co-creators in the village Tversted in Denmark in the middle of July 2020.

Artists of any kind, creators of any kind, thinkers, lovers, dancers, musicians, experience designers, actors, comedians, chefs, nature freaks, philosophers, poets, crafty people, builders and basically anybody wanting to create a beautiful experience with and for a small community of people are welcome.

Come, be inspired by the nature, the other people. Give your artistic drive a chance to manifest itself and gift the fruit of it to a creative community of sun people.

At Tversted Wild Arts the following principles prevail:

- Co-creation: When participating in Tversted Wild Arts Gathering you do not come to consume or to be entertained, but to co-create the event with the other participants.

- Gifting: As a participant you gift your art, creation or co-creation to the community of participants.

- Non-commercial: The event is non-commercial and there will be nothing to buy and no presence of commercial actors, marketing, sponsorships or branding.

- Anyone willing to follow the principles is able to participate.

- Radical self-expression: Express yourself to your fullest potential and in your freest of spirits during the gathering and especially in the wild arts.

- Self-reliance: Participants must be responsible for their own basic needs, their actions, safety and health during the event.

- Any activity or event during the gathering- especially in nature - must leave no trace.

The only set structure for the gathering so far is that on the Sunday evening there will be a symposium open to the public.

Participation comes with paying 300 kroner to a Wild Arts fund which will be distributed to the art projects when applied for by the creators. A system will be set in place for this.

There is a small group of coordinators who will facilitate the event and discretely create a liberating structure for the Wild Arts to blossom. We will primarily communicate in English.

We are excited to announce this event! it is an experiment. Help us spread the word and to co-create a beautiful experience!