War & Philosophy

16 sep 2019 kl. 09:00 - 16:00

Krigsmuseet, Tøjhusgade 3, 1214 København

“Even war, if it is conducted with order and reverence for the rights of civilians, has something sublime about it,” wrote philosopher Immanuel Kant. The sentence appears almost as an afterthought to his theory of the sublime, yet for all its off-handed simplicity the quotation opens a wide range of important questions: What is war? What is order? What is reverence? What is right? What is a civilian?

At a historical juncture characterized by the rapid reconfiguration of the traditional answers to Kant’s questions—through, among other things, the rampant militarization of civil life and the juridification and normalization of war—this second seminar on the culture and aesthetics of late modern warfare invites four world-renowned speakers to reflect on one overarching question: What is the relation between war and philosophy?

The seminar is free, open to the public, and takes place in the historical halls of the Danish War Museum. Refreshments will be served.