Wild Food Foraging Tour

04 jun 2018 kl. 18:00 - 19:30

Entrance to Fælledparken on the corner of Jagtvej and Vennemindevej, Jagtvej, 2100 København

Join Kultur Ø and Lene Ejlersen from Vildnis for a Wild Food Foraging Tour, and experience Fælledparken, as you haven't tried it before.

We would like to draw attention to how amazing and unique our city's nature is. Therefore, we are pleased to offer a guided tour to show some of the beautiful edible plants found at Fælledparken.

On the trip we'll talk about and taste the edible herbs and other good delights you can find in the green - even if you live in the city. During the trip you'll also learn how to use what you find, as well as the basic things you need to know for yourself to go out and relax with your mind. Lene Ejlersen from Vildnis will be your guide on the trip.

Save money: buy a ticket for both talk and tour. Read more about the talk with Lene Ejlersen at Østerbro Library, the 28th of May, 18.00-19.00 here.

The Danish summer weather can be a tricky one, so bring practical footwear, a warm sweater and wind/rain jacket.

WHAT: Wild Food Foraging Tour in english
WHERE: We'll meet by the entrance to Fælledparken on the corner of Jagtvej and Vennemindevej
WHEN: Monday the 4th of June

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