Workshop med Saskia Griffiths

04 maj 2018 kl. 19:00 - 06 maj 2018 kl. 12:00

CONNECTFYS, Peter Bangs Vej 7A, 2000 Frederiksberg

Workshop with Saskia Griffiths

Friday 7 - 9 pm - FIRE

Bowspring Flowto awesome beats
Move & grove through a sequence of Katas to the sound of Deep House Music. From deep house beats to the quiet subtle inner rhythm of your breath. Move from the gross to the subtle, to the sound of groovy beats, through a physical practice moving from the earth upwards, from the outer world to the inner world to a final deep relaxation.
Expect Deep House, Bowspring, Pranayama & Meditation.

Saturday 9 – 12 am - AIR

Central Channel, Radiant Heart & Wings
We set the tone starting with the most powerful and magnetic of all energy votexes - the heart is up to 5.000 times more powerful than the brain. We extend from our heart into our wings as we affect everything we touch with our centre.

Saturday 2 - 4 pm - EARTH

Deep Roots
Dig deep into the earth to feel who we truly are, connect with our values, engage our sense of belonging, feet, legs and hips carry us each step of the way. Learn about your feet, how to engage your legs, connect your upper body to the earth.

Sunday 10 – 12 am - WATER

Pulsation. All life pulses. From the central heart beat, reach out and from the root, rise upwards to the zenith. Feel your unique pulse through spiral fluid actions bringing all parts together to express your unique upward evolution towards freedom.

About Saskia:

Saskia is a nomad and citizen of the world. Not from here or there, and a little from everywhere. After an intense year of studies at the home of the Bowspring in Denver, Colorado USA, Saskia realises that the most transformational of all adventures is to embody union through fascial awareness. Life is a miracle, each cells pulse is a miracle, to recognise this allows us to reveal the miracles that we are and empowers us to remember that in every moment, we are chosing the thoughts that create our reality. It's her greatest joy to transmit the freedom the Bowspring has given her and see another light up with renewed hope and joy for life.

Dates: 4th - 6th May 2018

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