90 minutes of new architecture

Sep 16 2017 14:00 - 15:30

Københavns Turistinformation, Vesterbrogade 4B, 1620 København

Learn more about new architecture and urban development in the central part of Copenhagen. Get familiar with buildings made by international architects, the development of the harbour front and what is being build right here – right now.

The Danish Architecture Centre offers you a 90 minute Walk within the field of new architecture and urban development. 90 Minutes of New Architecture tells you the story about new spectacular office buildings like the highly modern building at the town hall square, the new recreational hang out at the harbour front, designed like a wave, and last but not least the construction site of the new Rem Koolhaas building called BLOX.

Join us for these 90 minutes of perspective insight into the new architecture and urban development of Copenhagen.

NB: The tour will be conducted in English. The tour departure from the Tourist Information - Not from Danish Architecture Centre.

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Remember to arrive 10 min. before the tour starts. If you are late, you will risk that the guide has already moved on to the next stop on the route, which means you will miss the tour.

90 minutes of architecture

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