A Cyborg Witch Performance: Dra. Kaligari's Cabinet

Jun 14 2018 19:00 - 21:00

meter, Henrik Rungs Gade 25, 2200 København

Salon Hysteria & gallery I meter I are very pleased to present Doctora Kaligari's Cabinet as part of the four months exhibition Shaking The Habitual: What is your Utopia?

Dra. Kaligai's Cabinet is a body decolonization, gynegore, Blood Magic , transhackfeminist, science freak mutant cabaret.

The Dra. Kaligari Cabinet is a collaboration between Klau Kinki and Misfita Terra started in 2016.

The Performance has been presented in different festivals last year : Tremenda femme Fest (Castellon) - Bitchcraft (Bruxelles) - TDB (Toulouse) - Tattoo Circus (Barcelona) - Trobada Comunitat (Calafou) - Encuentro Marica Rural (Valls) - Jornadas Gynecoñogicas (Manresa)

The performance is curated by Nazila Kivi

Note: There is a very limited amount of tickets available for this performance. Tickets mainly cover travel and material expenses for the artists and performers. Donations are welcome.


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