Art of Tantra Massage - free lecture in Copenhagen

May 24 2018 19:00 - 20:30

Tantra Temple, Egernvej 8, 8270 Aarhus

This free lecture is a basic introduction to the Art of Tantra Massage. Tantra Massage is one of the most refined and sensitive forms of art. It is fascinating in the way it appeals to all the senses, emphasizing on conscious touch. It is mind blowing by relating directly and intensely to our emotions and invisible energetic structure, being able to heal tensions and traumas. It is expressed through deeply connecting and intimate massage that touches both our body and soul, helping us to align our sexuality with our love and our spirituality.

A genuine Tantra masseur is a true artist. His or her work is to be totally present in the moment and highly aware of the real needs of the one receiving the massage. The aim is to help that person to remove all unseen self-defense mechanisms and mental patterns, allowing the energy of love to shine through every cell of their being, radiating pure inner bliss. Basically, as an artistic expression, such an approach to tantra massage makes it so that it brings us in contact with our inner core, where we discover the shortest path to genuine self-love, which can then radiate in our surroundings.

Such an openness and exploration through the senses, and particularly through loving conscious touch, includes the awakening of our erotic energy, channeled through our heart and soul, and going beyond our daily ordinary selves, reconnecting to the higher source.

What you will learn:

  • What are the basics of Tantric massage
  • How tantra massage can be a powerful tool for self-development
  • How you can become a tantra masseur yourself


Ulrik Adinatha and Ananda are a tantric couple with years of experience. They have been have been teaching couples in maintaining the spark and love in their couple relations. They have been guiding couples to know each other on a much deeper level than before. Adinatha is the leader of Tantra Temple in Copenhagen. Him and Ananda give tantra massages, teach workshops, and keep retreats and tantric holidays, where people learn how tantra can awaken love, intimacy and spark in the couple. They are also the leading teachers of Tantra Massage Education in Denmark. You can read more about it here:

Important: This lecture is designed for everyone with a genuine aspiration to learn what genuine tantra massage is about. If you want a more hands on experience, you are welcome to join our one day workshop about the Art of Tantra Massage.

Language: English

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