BAEST + support

Nov 25 2017 20:00 - Nov 26 2017 01:00

Lygten Station, Lygten 2, 2400 København

I samarbejde med Musikforening RIOT, Lygten Station og TRÅD
BAEST + support

Forsalg: 90 kr.
Dør: 110 kr.

Dørene åbner kl. 20:00

BAEST plays hard hitting death metal on thrash guitars, influenced by bands with the infamous ‘buzzsaw’ guitar tone played on the legendary BOSS HM-2 pedal, known from Bloodbath and Entombed. BAEST is a death metal band with edge consisting of an awesome live act well known for its windmill headbanging skills and charismatic stage presence and an original sound that liberates the band from the endless fields of modern death metal.

This is a vicious and violent monster that will grow into a global beast


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