Bróstsukur: Faroese Sweetmeat Workshop

Apr 28 2018 15:00 - 16:00

Børnenes Madhus, Slagtehusgade 11, 1715 København

The sugar came to Europe around year 1100. Initially, it were the pharmasists who produced sweetmeat in order to make their medicines more palatable. During the 18th century the sugar bakers took over the production of sweetmeat and in the middle of the 19th century the production became industrialized.

In the Faroes there is a tradition for producing sweetmeat at home and this tradition is still upheld amongst some women. It is also possible to buy homemade sweetmeat in certain shops, kiosks and at cottage industry shops.

The Faroese people are happy that this tradition has survived and they feel obliged to pass it on to our children, ensuring that this tradition lives on for generations to come.

In this workshop, Hansa Christiansen, from the Faroe Islands, will teach us how to make the delicious sweetmeat, and of course she will use a family recipe.

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Bróstsukur: Faroese Sweetmeat Workshop

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