College of Wizardry 9, Nov 17-20, 2016

Nov 17 2016 14:00 - Nov 20 2016 12:00

Zamek Czocha, Sucha, 59820 Lesna


You can find Waiting List tickets here.


This is the signup page for CoW9, November 17-20, 2016. You can read about the project on


If you sign up for the larp, you accept our photo & video policy. It's quite simple, actually. We have photographers and sometimes a video crew at the events, and that means that you may appear in pictures or video. We'll be very respectful about it, of course, but mention it here so there's no misunderstandings later. ;-)


Tickets are personal. If you end up not being able to go to the larp, we will do our best to get a replacement player, and if we do (it's usually quite easy up until a few months before the larp), you'll get the full amount back - minus €50 in cancellation fees. So if you end up cancelling and we find a replacement, you'll get €325 back.


When you sign up, nothing as such happens. You don't get any introduction mail, or such. When we have a full cast (140 players) we'll start the casting process, and there will be a ton of info. If you have questions you would like answered before that, you're more than welcome to mail to us! The reason we don't mail out a lot of info isn't that we don't have it - it's just easier sending to everyone at once. ;-)


If you have any questions, mail to Claus ( He will do his best to help you!

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