COMMUNITY BREAKFAST - with Roar Vejter Bovim

Jan 21 2016 09:00 - 10:00

Republikken, Vesterbrogade 26, 1620 København V

How strong identity can create thriving, engagement, sense of belonging, and benefit your sales and strategy.

Almost certainly, you are not a UFO or a talking robot. And a few are world champions. But everyone has something that is unique. Something they are good at. It might be particular practices, products or skills, or a unique fellowship.

The challenge lies not only in developing a consistent image or brand, standing out to externals. It is equally important to discover who you are, what you can and why it matters. 30 years of research have found that a distinctive identity creates thriving, engagement and sense of belonging, and is the basis for sales and strategy.

In this talk Roar will focus on how entrepreneurs and small companies can create a strong identity and facilitate belonging. He will share insights from his research and talk about practical experiences from a recent client in Copenhagen.


About a speaker: Roar Vejter Bovim is an owner and consultant at Livingroom, researcher and management consultant. He founded LIVINGROOM CONSULTING to inspire, create and help facilitate distinct identities for companies, units & teams. Unlike advertising agencies, he focuses on the employees, facilitating identity in a bottom-up process. Read more about Roar on LinkedIN.


About event: Community Breakfast is a weekly event dedicated to inspiration and meeting other professionals over a nice breakfast. Once a month we have a speaker who gives a talk on a relevant topic for self-employed, freelancers and young entrepreneurs within various industries.

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