Conscious Relating - Aarhus

Jun 04 2019 19:30 - 21:30

Tantra Temple, Egernvej 8, 8270 Aarhus

Wishing to truly meet other people in a fun, meaningful and connecting way? Curious to get to know yourself more deeply through the contact with the other? Then come and join our Conscious Relating night.

Conscious Relating is an evening where you get the chance to meet others while feeling safe, relaxed, energized and deeply connected to yourself. Through guided exercises, playful meeting, honest communication and heartful touch you discover ways to connect and create (emotional) intimacy, which feels good, authentic and empowering for you. 

Conscious relating at the heart is a practice of love. When we relate to the other in alignment with our own inner truth, (with our boundaries, what we feel and what we need) we allow space for Love to naturally appear and exchange between us. 

Conscious Relating aims to offer you tools to meaningfully make contact with yourself, with the other, with the world and with all that is beyond in order to gain more self-knowledge and have soul-fulfilling connections in your life.

Conscious Relating Tools we will practice with and you will take home with you:

  • awareness
  • inner honesty
  • listening
  • present moment centering
  • resting
  • empathy

Looking forward to Meet you there!


Paid ticket: 200kr

MB ticket: 150kr



Petri is a well experienced teacher of contemplative contact improvisation, tantra and massage, and also trained in gestalt therapy and in creative communication skills. 
He is passionately inspired to find the living center which two or more people share in the present moment when they come together. 
The heart connection that ensures such a unity has driven Petri to study also arts and theater, eventually leading him to discover that the tantric path offers a fulfilling and integrated frame to wisely connect deeper layers of the being.


Iris is passionate about spirituality, femininity, dance, and creating human connection and intimacy. She has an academic 
background in healing and trauma rehabilitation in conflict societies, is a certified Tantric Journey therapist and an 
Erodanza facilitator (a transformational dance course for women). Currently she studies Tantra Yoga and works at the Tantra Temple, as a tantric masseuse, where her love for healing, human closeness and spiritual practice, unite.

Paid Ticket

DKK 200.00