Dec 11 2013 20:00 - 22:00

STENGADE, Stengade 18, Denmark, 2200 Copenhagen N.

It is almost a new tradition for us! To have Douglas P. and the mighty DEATH IN JUNE paying us a visit in december. And in 2014, we are of course very happy to have DEATH IN JUNE back in Copenhagen.

This time will be a little different from the previous times, as Douglas P. will bring slovakian piano player Miro Snejdr with him. Miro Snejdr is known for his contribution to the "Peaceful Snow" album, as well as his lounge covers of DEATH IN JUNE classics at the "Lounge Corps" album.

DEATH IN JUNE is considered to be the godfathers of the neofolk/apocalyptic folk genre. Having released such classics as "But, What Ends When The Symbol Shatter", "Rose Clouds Of Holocaust", "The Wall Of Sacrifice", "Nada!" etc., they have been major inspirations on a lot of the goth, industrial, neofolk and experimental bands nowadays. Even mainstream electro-pop act Ladytron have covered their classic "Little Black Angel".

Opening act this night will be SPIRITUAL FRONT from Italy, who is also a very wellknown act within the dark scene. The band is fronted by Simone Salvatori, who have descriped their music as "nihilist suicide pop". The music can also be described as a mixture of melancholic folk, rock and neoclassical. The performance this night will be a solo performance of Simone Salvatori.

The concert will be a more intimate experience than the two previous years, as it will be held on Copenhagen classic underground venue STENGADE.


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