Den sydafrikanske aktivist og forfatter Dale McKinley besøger Danmark

Nov 01 2017 19:00 - 20:30

Tranquebar Travel Bookshop & Café, Borgergade 14, 1300 København

South Africas Corporatised Liberation. Den sydafrikanske aktivist Dale McKinley om overgangen til demokrati i Sydafrika og om hvad der foregår i landet lige nu.

Dale T. McKinley is an independent writer, researcher and lecturer as well as political activist. Born and raised in Zimbabwe, he has been based in Johannesburg since 1991.

Dale is a long-time political activist and has been involved in social movement, community and political struggles for over three decades. He holds a PhD. in Political Economy/African Studies from the University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill), USA.

Dale occasionally lectures at university level and is a regular speaker at various civil society and academic social and political conferences and events. The author of four books, he has written numerous book chapters, research reports, and journal, magazine and press articles on various aspects of South African and international political, social and economic issues/struggles.

Additionally, he is a regular contributor in the South African print and radio/TV media. Dale has been (and remains) actively involved in several political and social movements.

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